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Welcome to the new MDGuidelines blog

Hi! I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself, Reed Group, and MDGuidelines and tell you a little bit about what you can expect to see in this blog.

I’m an MD with a long career in medical publishing, data, and information systems. In 2008 I joined Reed Group as president, Guidelines. Since then my mission has been to create MDGuidelines, a Web portal that will become a growing collection of content and tools that we consider vital to all stakeholders in the return-to-work process.

This month (May 2009) we launched the new MDGuidelines with the sixth edition of The Medical Disability Advisor, the industry’s leading data on disability durations authored by Presley Reed, MD.  These guidelines offer critical information for doctors, patients, employers, case managers, and all other stakeholders in helping employees return to full productivity as quickly as possible.

Our goals for MDGuidelines are:

  • To infuse occupational medicine into the mainstream of physician education and practice.
  • To provide innovative tools for case managers to better understand clinical and statistical considerations in achieving optimum return-to-work durations.
  • To enable employers to minimize costs and maximize productivity in the workplace.
  • To help people return as quickly as possible to their productive endeavors.

My goal for this blog is to further the agenda by providing our readers with timely, helpful and thought-provoking information on topics related to disability and return-to-work durations, occupational medicine and workplace health. Whether you are a patient, a physician, an employer, a case manager, insurer or news reporter, I hope you’ll visit this blog often and consider us a trusted resource.

Best wishes,

Jon Seymour, MD
President, Guidelines
Reed Group