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MDGuidelines Free to Medical Students

medstudentMost physicians routinely treat working adults, yet occupational health fundamentals are rarely included in medical school curricula.

To help future physicians understand these critical issues, we at Reed Group have decided to offer medical students free access to MDGuidelines, our extensive database of return-to-work durations and treatment plans for disability, workers’ compensation and other medically-related work absences.

Why are we choosing to spearhead this much-needed educational agenda?

What people do for a living, and their ability to continuously perform on the job, have a huge impact on their health. There is a large amount of evidence showing that time off work is almost immediately detrimental to patients, and that ‘disability’ is a complex and potentially chronic syndrome that is not being handled well by many physicians. Yet occupational medicine is still overlooked or underserved in most medical schools. MDGuidelines can help educate the next generation of physicians in a critical area in which they are not currently getting much training.

We also hope that MDGuidelines will be a resource to help medical students manage a specific patient’s injuries or illnesses with respect to return-to-work outcomes and to measure their performance against other real-world experiences.

Managing patient treatment to evidence-based guidelines is critical. In return to work, we have the added advantage of clear case data against which to benchmark. In the big picture, return to work is one of the best available measures of healthcare outcomes. Tomorrow’s physicians will be better armed to deliver quality care from having used this important resource in school.

If you’re a medical student and want to receive your free subscription, email or call us (toll-free) 866.889.4449 or 720.379.6979.

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