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SHRM members save $500 on industry’s most comprehensive tool for leave management

SHRM members have numerous resources available to help them ensure that complicated leave of absence laws are closely followed in their companies. But that’s just the problem – too many resources can fuel headaches surrounding the complexities of regulations addressing short or long-term leave. At Reed Group, we think you need only one, all-encompassing resource. That’s why we created Leave of Absence Advisor.

Leave of Absence Advisor is a newly developed online tool that guides human resources professionals who are seeking information or have questions about any and all state and federal leave laws. We’re currently offering this tool to SHRM members for $199 as an introductory annual subscription, $500 off of the list price. Leave of Absence Advisor offers :

  • All 50 states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia
  • Simple summaries, charts, comprehensive analyses, and side-by-side comparisons
  • Fully cited statutes and case law
  • Robust search functionality that makes finding answers simple
  • A customizable interface that enables users to set up the display to meet their needs

Handling an FMLA claim can be a challenge, but failing to understand the intricacies of applying regulations can be costly for a company. Reed Group estimates that the average cost of losing an FMLA claim at trial is $506,000. Not to mention the resulting burden on management and employee morale and negativity from the community. Human resources can avoid this undesired situation by enlisting the resources of Reed Group’s expertise in FMLA and leave of absence regulations through Leave of Absence Advisor.

Reed Group recently conducted a study concluding that the length of time employees are taking off from work has increased by 38 percent since 2009. It’s more important than ever to be educated about leave of absence regulations as they relate to your business and state.

Leave of Absence Advisor will be demonstrated at booth number 3512 at the Society for Human Resource Management annual meeting this week in Atlanta. SHRM members can receive an introductory annual subscription to the online service for $199 a year, a $500 discount from the list price. This offer is available until July 31. Visit for more information or a personal demonstration.

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