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Reed Group on NBC – Managing Employee Absence After a Disaster

Marti Cardi, Reed Group’s Chief Compliance Officer, appeared on our local NBC affiliate today to offer tips for employers trying to navigate the return-to-work landscape after a natural disaster, like the floods that have affected so many in Colorado. See the video.


Colorado Floods: People and businesses affected all over Colorado…including Reed Group

By David Roberts, Chief Executive Officer

As I write this, we’re far from being able to quantify the full impact that the recent, devastating floods have had on Colorado. At last count, flooding in 15 counties had caused multiple deaths, destroyed over 1500 homes, damaged over 17,000, and caused the evacuations of 11,700 people. All Reed Group employees in Colorado are safe, although some have damaged homes and property. It’s right and decent to count the impacts on people first. Businesses are impacted, too, and the economic impact of this natural disaster will be tallied over time.

In the meanwhile, we’re absence management experts here at Reed Group. So, here’s what we did during the flood:

  • When it became clear that this was not just an unusually rainy day, but a serious event, we reached out to our employees and told them not to come to work unless and until it was safe to do so. We collect multiple contact numbers for employees, and managers have employee contact lists. We used those lists to keep people safely at home and off the roads when it mattered.
  • We are geographically fortunate. We have a lot of employees in operationally critical roles who work from home. Many of them don’t live in affected areas. We also have a second, smaller office outside Albany, NY. So we were able to keep serving our customers during the crisis.
  • We’re offering similar leaves, based on needs, to affected employees in similar roles in the same departments.  In some departments, we simply told people to take a couple of days off to handle their flooded basements while they avoided the closed roads. Our treatment of affected employees was consistent. This isn’t just a way to build employee loyalty, it’s a good way to avoid HR compliance issues.

We hope that everyone in our communities is getting the support they need in this difficult time.

Remembering Randy Herndon

For those who have asked about memorializing Randy Herndon, our former VP of Sales who passed away in August, here is an update from his family:

“Family & Friends:

Many people have inquired about contributing or making a donation in some way on behalf of my Dad.  Upon consideration, our family feels that my Dad would have liked to see your support go to Bicycle Colorado.  Bicycle Colorado is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building a bicycle friendly Colorado.  It’s our belief that given the right funding they will continue to promote bike safety through increased awareness, new/improved bike friendly laws, education outreach programs and improved road conditions for riding.  This awareness, we hope, will prevent further accidents from happening!

There is NO obligation to make a donation, however, if you are interested this link will take you directly to Randy’s page:

Please feel free to forward to those who you feel would be interested or we may have inadvertently missed.  We very much appreciate all of your support, thoughts & prayers.”

…”from Randy’s son, Ryan”