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Do You Have to Retain An Employee if You Uncover Poor Performance During FMLA Leave?

By Lori Welty, Compliance Attorney and Marti Cardi, Chief Compliance Officer

We’ve all heard stories of an employee going on leave, only to have a co-worker find a hidden pile of work with long-expired deadlines.  Many employers – and employees – are under the assumption that employees on leave are insulated from adverse employment actions during leave, or that somehow information obtained during leave can’t be used against employees.   Simply because information is discovered during a period of leave does not prevent the employer from acting on the situation.  So under what circumstances can an employer take action? Read more. 

Which States Have Same Sex Marriage? Employers Need to Know [INFOGRAPHIC]

As of last night, Illinois became the 15th state to approve gay marriage. Employers need to make sure that benefits provided to married couples are correctly being applied to same-sex spouses, who are now entitled to them under Illinois law as well as the law in 14 other states. Don’t forget that your employee leave policy has to keep up with changes in marriage laws, too.

If you’re finding it tricky to keep track of which states have same-sex marriage laws on the books, and want to see the details behind each state’s law (civil unions? Marriages? Both?), here’s a map.