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Major New Feature For ACOEM Practice Guidelines: Beta Formulary Just Added

The ACOEM Practice Guidelines have long been respected for offering evidence-based, scientific content to medical practitioners, utilization reviewers, claims adjusters and others who need to refer to treatment guidelines in the course of their work. Reed Group, the exclusive publisher and distributor of the ACOEM Practice Guidelines, just released a new beta formulary that links various data elements to medication and injection recommendations. The ACOEM beta formulary allows users to search and quickly find out what medications are/are not recommended for a specific condition. Most other formularies available on the market don’t offer condition-specific searches.

The formulary is in beta release to allow users to provide feedback. Early reviews have been very positive. 

“This formulary directly links the scientific evidence behind the use of specific medications for specific conditions and provides information on alternative drugs which may be useful or, conversely, are potentially harmful.  It is one of the clinically useful formularies currently available which also provides the necessary information for claims adjustors,” said Dr. Kathryn Mueller, medical director of the Colorado Division of Workers Compensation.


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If you’re a clinician, utilization reviewer, insurance adjuster or someone else who needs a tool like this, we’d love your feedback on the beta formulary. If you’re willing to take a short survey after using the formulary, you might be eligible for a free trial of the ACOEM Practice Guidelines and the beta formulary. Email us at if you’re interested in the trial.

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