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About this Blog

This blog is written by the absence management experts at Reed Group and our return-to-work reference toolset Occasionally we offer you guest posts from our colleagues across the return-to-work industry as well.

Reed Group is the recognized leader in helping organizations reduce the cost, compliance risk and complexity of employee absence.

Our products and services address workplace absence associated with Federal regulations including the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), state and local regulatory leaves and workers’ compensation leaves, and unique company leaves such as short- and long-term disability programs or other company leave programs such as sick time, vacation time, and parental leaves.

Reed Group’s products and services include:

  • Outsourced case management and return-to-work benefits administration.
  • Absence management software for organizations that insource leave management or a portion of the leave process.
  • MDGuidelines©, a web-based toolkit of real-world data, predictive modeling and referential content addressing absence incidence and durations, medical conditions and treatment, leave regulations, and return-to-work best practices.

Reed Group is headquartered in Westminster, Colorado, and is a trusted partner to employers, carriers, third-party case management administrators, government officials, physicians, and other professionals worldwide. Founded over 30 years ago, Reed Group is now a world-class team of absence management experts and clinical specialists who help organizations deploy Reed Group products and services to improve employee health and productivity.

Learn more at and or contact us for more information.

Reed Group
10155 Westmoor Drive, Suite 210
Westminster, CO 80021


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  1. Delores Turner RN COHN says:

    Do you have email updates on FMLA cases?
    Thank you

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